February 2, 2018

Oakland First Fridays celebrates Black History Month by highlighting local artists of the Black/African-American community who have contributed to the Oakland arts through their business and vision. When you come to First Fridays this month you’ll get to experience performers, sellers of crafts and art, and food makers of the Black/African-American community.


24th street stage

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robot nature

Robot Nature formed January 1st, 2017 when singer and multi-instrumentalist DPAK was introduced to Richard Parizer, Michael Skelena and Jesse Shadis. An eclectic synthesis of modern electronic, noir pop and infectious synth-rock elements blend pulsing violins and haunting melodies, fused with electronic EDM to create the signature Robot Nature sound.


elegant trasH

An Oakland based punk-rock band that originated in 2003 with 30 albums, Elegant Trash performs as much as humanly possible. With current members Lee Hoffman (vocals and guitar), Nathalie Hoffman (vocals), Denny Joints (bass), Waverly Cook (drums), and Philip Thorneycroft (lead guitar).


DJ Wiley-E

DJ Wiley-E has been performing around the Bay Area since 2004. His dynamic setlists includes songs from Motown, 70’s, Rock, Latin, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, and today’s top 40’s. DJ Wiley-E loves what he does, providing good entertainment flow for party people.


25th street stage

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Drow Flow

A multidisciplinary artist, whose primary medium has been DJing. Drow Flow is a Nashville native by way of Chicago, and his mission is to transform perspectives through creative expression.



An accomplished DJ, drummer & artist, Elembe Blaise, has traveled and played music all over the world. With a vast catalog of music, specializing in African, World, Reggae, Roots/Dance Hall, Bhangra, Salsa, Reggaeton, Funk and Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop, DJ Elembe has the ability to seamlessly mix all genres of music that bring crowds to the dance floor.


front gate

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Join in the drumming circle. Soul Beatz is an eclectic group of individuals who started in the Ashby Bart Station, but have since become one of the best and well-known drum circles in all of Oakland. The band welcomes all people to participate, and kids absolutely love it!


sycamore performance area

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TURF Inc. works with inner-city kids to teach provide an engaging way of keeping youth off of the streets. Come support the youth showcasing their skills with Oakland and the world.


sake-tiki garden

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Drink Menu

$9 Tequila Sunrise

$9 Paloma

$9 Pineapple Sunset

$9 Bay Breeze

$9 Screw Driver


$7 Beer

Featured Drinks

$5 Irish Coffee



dj joogmac


With background experience in rapping and singing, DJ Joogmac has an understanding not just of new sounds and club rhythms, but also of bringing crowds together. Come out and support this Bay Area talent!