ART IS WOMEN: La Toya Allen

By Alicia Rivera on April 26, 2018

Meet Regnum Mentis

Established in 2015, "the idea to create gift packaging for men was birthed through my desire to send my husband - who was away on deployment [on] Father’s Day - a gift that conveyed the love and appreciation that both his children and I felt.  I didn’t want my husband to open a plain box. That would have diminished the love that we wanted to convey. Our gifts needed a ‘final touch.’ I could find nothing on the market that expressed the sentiment that we felt. Statistics show that most gift-givers want to create an experience. I knew I wasn’t the only one. My clients express the excitement and joy of seeing our gift bags and gift boxes under the Christmas tree." RM Designs, LLC, looks to create a lasting experience to all its clients’ special occasions, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, Bar Mitzvah, corporate event, Military Ball, retirement or wedding.

Being a Female Entrepreneur

I believe as a female entrepreneur and veteran I have been blessed to have access to various resources in order to become successful within the gift packaging industry. We are new within our industry and sometimes working to establish the brand and build rapport in the retail market seems to be a challenge at times but certainly not a challenge that cannot be conquered.

"I have had a challenge in scaling my business due to having established my company out-of-state. I have had to utilize the law that protects the establishment of my business under the Military Spouse Residency Relief Act. Many entities really don’t know how to handle business owners that have attachments in multiple states.

Vending at First Fridays

"First Fridays has provided a venue that we can utilize to establish business [and gain] consumer exposure.  We are able to interact and establish new client relationships. It is also another market analysis resource, which allows us to understand whether [or not] we are providing a product that meets the needs of our clients."

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