ART IS WOMEN: Brittany Luby

By Alicia Rivera on April 28, 2018

Not An Impostor

Catch Brittany Luby and Hey Ma Goods Co. at the  "Art Is Women | REDUX"  event on May 4th.

Catch Brittany Luby and Hey Ma Goods Co. at the "Art Is Women | REDUX" event on May 4th.

Hey Ma Goods Co. was born out of a combination of circumstances by Brittany Luby, a first generation West Indian. After gaining an art school degree with no real options for a creative career, Luby wanted to make use of her essence: a passion for design, “a fluency in image making, the need to create with my hands, a robust sense of humor and a generally poor attitude towards the white supremacist/patriarchal/capitalist structures in which we are forced to participate,” says Luby. “What began as a space for me to share a budding collection of posters and tee shirts became an antidote to the impostor syndrome I had been experiencing since college. HMGC is me awarding myself the chance I was waiting for someone to give to me as a woman of color in the creative allows me to pay that forward by showing up as a business owner and maker of items celebrating underrepresented perspectives and experiences like mine.”

Being a Female Artist In 2018

“Entrepreneurship has become my chosen form of activism in the last two years and my lens is one of intersectional feminism. The matrix of identity [is] always top of mind as I envision the kind of shopper I try to call out to and reflect back toward in my creations. This is especially important as I place myself in a position of business ownership. I’m a first generation West Indian which means in America I am black, in Trinidad I am red, and everywhere I am a working class woman of color with an arts-based college education. It’s a trip to recognize the ways in which we are both privileged and oppressed...I feel that the best use of my talents, tastes and abilities is to make items that celebrate sisterhood, diaspora, self-determination and the eternal magick of femininity. At the core of HMGC are products that I hope resonate with voices who have the unique experience of being clear culture-makers while often being left out of the room. This shop and inventory are my way of saying, ‘I see you, girl! We out here doing this thing!’ And my attitude is that we now have the means of production so there really isn’t any stopping us now.”

The Challenges Of Being An Entrepreneur

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“Trying to effectively price my work has been difficult because I want my products to be accessible to those who are often shut out of supporting local businesses because of the higher price point, but I also need to sustain my operations and set myself up to turn a profit at some point. I’d like to make this a career so it has to become viable. Finding the time and energy to nurture the vision I have for my business is definitely a challenge with a full-time job and I often feel like I’m stealing time or robbing Peter to pay Paul to make it happen. It’s a delicate balancing act that only works when I am healthy, which is a whole other element to prioritize and maintain.”


Luby Affecting The World

“Shout-out to all the women in my world who are hustling to craft the lives for themselves they truly deserve."

“Shout-out to all the women in my world who are hustling to craft the lives for themselves they truly deserve."

“My goal is to be some combination of a mirror and a bullhorn for those who look, sound, think, feel like me...when I do find myself in those spaces, I get to share a mutual feeling of recognition that feels revelatory and pure. I want to add to the strong community of fiercely creative and intelligent women I have come to know as home in this beautiful city.”


First Fridays Lighthouse

“First Fridays has been a true lighthouse. It has demonstrated to me that one can make art and people will enthusiastically support it. It has shown me that community matters and that humans crave it, need it, thrive in it. I have learned that we can get funding, find our footing and weather just about any storm if we work together - and that there is beauty in the journey. First Fridays is an encouraging and affirming force within Oakland and I feel lucky to finally join in.”

Say "Hey Ma!" To Brittany

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Appearing at...

Laurel Maker Market — May

Good Omen Market — June 2

West Elm Local Popup — June 16 & 17