ART IS WOMEN: Imani Baylor

By Alicia Rivera on April 29, 2018

The Beginning Of Eccentric Vibes

Imani Baylor, founder and creator of Eccentric Vibes, would always receive compliments on her unique style - everything from where she bought her clothes to how she pieced them together. “I responded by creating Eccentric Vibes.” Her clothing line is based on how she dresses, but there’s more behind the style. “I want to educate through my clothing as well as uplift my people. I feel that with my unique items, you try something on and your confidence goes through the roof. I have such a variety of style that my customers are sure to find something they love or didn't know they look good in.”

When she’s not uplifting people’s perception of themselves with her line, she’s contributing to youth in the Bay Area. “Eccentric Vibes is an ongoing fundraiser to help support my independent contracting business, “The I.M.A.N.I. Project” (Inspiring Mentoring And Nurturing Individuals), a youth service program that supports K-12 Bay Area students on the spectrum of academics, enrichment, social/life skills, intervention, culture and community.”

Being a Female Entrepreneur

“It is a very busy, challenging task, especially working alone. I love interacting with people and customers. I have built a great network being an entrepreneur - both of my businesses are booming now!” Even with business doing well, Baylor still has to keep up with the competition of the ever-evolving world of trends. “Trends change so much and usually by the time I buy into it, something else is popular. So I feel like I'm always playing catch up.”

Building the Brand

“First Fridays has helped me build my brand so fast. I wasn't expecting to have returning customers or clients in such a short time. The atmosphere is amazing and the compliments I get on my merchandise and fashion sense makes me love what I do. First Fridays is a great place to network  - and thankfully, it is, because my business wouldn't be successful without this platform.

Connect with Imani!

Instagram: @eccentric_vibes_online | Facebook : Eccentric Vibes | Twitter: @Feel_My_Vibee

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Catch her at:

May 4th, 5-9pm - Art Is Woman | Redux

April 27th - TrapxArt Ty Dolla Sign Tribute

April 29th - Oakhella

May 5th - Turf Inc : Cinco De Mayo

May 19th - Art and Wine Festival