ART IS WOMEN: Shabnam Shirvani

By Alicia Rivera on April 30, 2018

A Child’s heArt

With her first art show taking place in the small apartment she used to live in, Shabnam Shirvani, served up cake and sold a few art pieces -  thus beginning my career as a working artist.” She began drawing as a child and kept up with her craft throughout high school. Shirvani likes to describe her work as “an expression of femininity, reflection and confidence.”

“When I first began to draw as a child I gravitated toward women's faces and generally the beautiful side of things. I think with most artists, I found creating to be a good outlet for my feelings and personal expression. I try to create things that make the viewer feel sentimental and delighted,” she says. “I try to unite my visual and performing arts by integrating the movement, design and patterns of Near Eastern culture.

Uncovering Art

Struggling to find visibility and opportunity as a female artist, “my biggest obstacle is finding the right support to help advance my career as an artist. As with many Bay Area artists - with the rising cost of living in the city and limited resources - it can be a struggle financially to keep things going...I am grateful to First Fridays for the platform to show my work and for the opportunity to meet all the interesting people that attend.”


Glimpse Shabnam!

May 4th, 5-9pm - Art Is Women | REDUX

May 31st - “Spring Magic” showing at her studio: 385 17th St Oakland CA 94612

Instagram: @Shabdancer