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By Alicia Rivera on July 6, 2018

Mastering Her Craft

“I converted my home into a ‘Wear Now Doer’s’ workshop fitted out with all the bells and whistles I thought I needed to support an initial launch of the brand.  That led me to enthusiastically buy and assemble a four-color screen printing press that came in a million pieces,” says Melissa Slaughter, creator and founder of Wear Now Do. From here, Slaughter experimented with screen printing so she could master the craft and offer professionally prepared products. “It’s so much fun to work with creative designers to develop the concept for our branded apparel. One of Wear Now Do’s signature pieces was the product of that process. It’s an incredibly soft and cozy, tri-blend t-shirt, I affectionately called Rosie Resilience. Rosie is modernized take on the iconic graphic of Rosie the Riveter. Soon thereafter, my logo and overall brand identity was born!”

Wear Now Do makes and sells apparel, bags and home goods, then donates a portion of its profits to non profits in the community.  “We seek to advance our mission by volunteering directly and supporting nonprofit organizations financially so they can reach more people and provide more services to their clients.” Wear Now Do sprung up, because Slaughter wanted to be more engaged in her community. “I felt that there was no better time than now to take direct action and become more civically engaged. So I decided to focus on amplifying the good work of nonprofit organizations that provide professional development services, those that create and improve urban green spaces, and those that provide mental health services to youth in the community. Those are my key focal areas for 2018.”


Engaging The Community

“Since launching my business, Wear Now Do, I’ve loved participating in Oakland First Friday events, because the atmosphere and people are so vibrant. Each event has become a rich source of inspiration for me as I develop new designs that are fittingly California casual. The opportunity to connect with customers directly, as at events like First Friday, has been invaluable in getting insights into what my customers enjoy.”

“Vending at First Friday gives me a chance to build awareness about my business with existing and potential future customers. I regularly share about Wear Now Do’s socially inspired mission and how I was personally inspired to become more civically engaged. Some of my most memorable experiences as vendor [are from] hearing from others about what they are doing to have a positive impact on their communities. It opens my mind to the possibilities for my business and its ability to inspire and support others in their direct actions.”


Photo @blupencilgraphics

Photo @blupencilgraphics

Growing Toward The Future

Only a year into her business, Slaughter is looking to grow her business, including her number of volunteers, her social media reach and connecting more with socially conscious stores in the Bay Area.  Look for Wear Now Do in the Fall to try out their limited edition line of pure, scented soy wax candles. All of Wear Now Do’s products are designed and hand-printed in San Francisco. You can buy from them online at, via social media @wearnowdo or directly at Oakland First Fridays on July 6th, 5 to 9PM. See their location on the map here!


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