Curb Service is a creative music group which first appeared on street corners of Oakland. They've since become a name known further than they had ever expected. This group  is most famous for their natural ability to attend any event and have their sound and experience translate with all attendees from children to top-notch music enthusiasts. Providing the healthy energy which is greatly needed within the world has been their main goal since the group has formed.  

The core of the group is Rob Woods as lead vocalist, and Oakland’s own Drummerboy Aaron (who magnifies his talent every show).  Well-known saxophone player Kalin Freeman sets the tone with his smooth melodic tunes mixed in with beautiful elevated pitches.  David Chatman has been hands-on with the group for over a year now, helping create, curate and mold the team, as well as display his phenomenal talents from behind the lens. 

Curb Service first popped up on the street at our December 2018 event, and they were such a hit that we asked them back for March.