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december EVENT MAP
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our october Sponsors

Ford Go-Bike (2302-2304)

Green Guyz Collective (2468-2474)

HelloFresh (2535-2537)

Holbertson School (G2-G4)

Imperfect Produce (2442-2444)

Kevita (2422-2424)

Movement Ink (S01-S03)

Odwalla (2460-2462)

Food vendors

333 (2316-2324)

Antonik's BBQ (2654-2660 (27th)

Big Serg BBQ (2602-2616 (27th)

Bite size Delights (2618-2620 (27th)

Bliss Pops (2516)

Brazilian Breads (2356-2358)

Cacao milk bar (2430-2432)

Calabash Catering (A2-A6)

Cassave Mobile Taqueria (26th)

Cee's Fried Chicken (2622-2624 (27th)

Charlie Frank Pies (2626-2628 (27th)

Cocina mexicana (2438-2440)

Donna’s Tamales (2426-2428)

Dragon Rouge Restaurant (2508-2514)

Endless Summer Sweets (2504-2506)

Hals Hot Links (2642-2644 (27th)

Hidden Star Orchards, Inc. (2502)


Ko-Cups (2340-2346)

Kolobok (26th)

Koreana Plaza Market(2434-2436)

Lizetta's Southern Soul Food (2456-2458)

MI Granny's Kitchen (2630-2636 (27th)

Nahua Pizza (2518-2522)

New Delhi Restaurant (2418-2420)

Nieves la Unica (2352-2354)

North Border Taco (2328-2336)

Pupusas Cojute (2646-2648 (27th)

pure hands clean heart (2452-2454)

S&K Wings (26th)

Soul Bowl’z (26th)

Sunrise Deli (26th)

Taco Oaxaca (2348-2350)

Tacos Martha (B1-B9)

Tamales y Pupusas Acapulco (2414-2416)

A Taste of Africa (2650-2652)

The Tatery (2464-2466)

Torpedo Sushi (2360-2362)

Xingones (2446-2450)

october’s Retail Sales Vendors

Adi Pirzada (2327-2329)

Art of Brandon (2381)

Art Starr (G39)

Bart Bridge Clothing (2455-2459)

Blue Wolf Puppets (2471)

Bohemian gifts (2433-2439)

Botanic Fulani, LLC (2465-2467)

Conscious by Fia (2409)

CURLEE (2421-2423)

Das Bus (2601-2605)

Dying Breed SF (2413-2415)

Easy Growin Designs (G14-G16)

Eddy Lee Art (2405-2407)

Embla (S11)

Empire Cultural Products (2331-2333)

Fly Dye Art (2525-2531)

Freiheitink (2621)

Fresh to Def Collective (2321)

Goodliferoots (2543-2549)

Hella Bay Clothing (2335-2337)

Hops Printing & Designs (2339-2341)

Icebox Magnets (2509-2511)

Isiko Wear (S23-S25)

J and R Skaggs Art Concepts (2625-2627)

JazzyBowTies (2473-2475)

Kbbonesnbeauty (2533)

La 5th Elements (G6-G8)

La Maison Africaine (2521-2523)

Le Boutique (G9-G11)

Louis Brengard (2619)

Lower Park Hats (G33)

Madow Futur (S19-S21)

Mixed Baggage Collective (G13-G15)

Morton Paints (2617)

NorthgateCo. (2425-2431)

NPC Comics (2539-2541)

Nubian Beauty Essentials (S13)

Oakland's Own (2401-2403)

Petals Poured Candles (2301)

Pretentious (G22)

Prism Jewels (2317-2319)

Sankofa African Art & Jewelry (2447-2453)

Saucy Selections Boutique (2417-2419)

Silver Chic (G5-G7)

Suga Stuff (G1-G3

Spend LA (2323-2325)

Stevenvigil Art (2315-2317)

Tenzing collections (S27-S31)

TGS (2611-2613)

Tropikali (2411)

Tsuro (2351-2357)

Vital Yogi (2629-2631)

Wise Peaces (2615)

Xklusive Magik (2461-2463)

Ye Home & Beauty (2625)

Zizi Buttons (2441)

october’s NonProfit Organizations

BAY-Peace (2607-2609)

Clean360 (G10-G12)

East Bay Democratic Socialists of America(G17-G19)

Hip Hop For Change Inc. (2443-2445)

International Socialist Organization (G25)

Isha Foundation (G24-G26)

Jovanka Beckles for Assembly District 15 (G21-G23)

Kaiser Permanente (S05-S09)

Kuza AfriKa Initiative (G27-G29)

Party for Socialism and Liberation (2623)

Revolution Books (2305-2307)

Roses in Concrete Community School (G31)

Samuel Merritt University (G18-G20)

Speak Out Now (G28-G30)

W.O.R.L.D. HIV (2513-2519)

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Please note that spaces are always shifting without notice. Map is typically finalized Thursday, week-of event.

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