Over a thousand people have signed the petition! Changes to Telegraph Ave threaten the future of First Fridays?

KONO and Oakland First Fridays are asking the City to replace the current protected bike lanes, with buffered bike lanes (as used elsewhere in Oakland. Please sign our petition if you agree.

The nonprofit KONO Community Benefit District, which produces First Fridays, is continuing to work with our community and City officials to address safety hazards and other impacts of the protected bike lanes along Telegraph. We have long maintained that the current design is unsafe because turning cars cannot see bike lane traffic. After a cyclist was struck and injured in June, OakDOT installed bollards along the lanes and in the middle of Telegraph…which don’t fix the visibility issue, and may make it impossible for First Fridays to resume. The full story is on the KONO website.

City Council recently voted to require OakDOT to work with the Department of Race and Equity and host two community meetings to collect input…we’ll let you know when those are scheduled. For now, KONO’s position is that the lanes should be replaced with buffered bike lanes, which will let drivers and cyclists see each other, and minimize the negative impacts on local businesses and First Fridays.
If you agree, please sign our petition to make your voice heard!

Left: KONO bike lanes, which don’t let drivers see bicycles when turning, and cars often park and drive in. Right: We are advocating for them to be replaced with buffered bike lanes, as used elsewhere in Oakland.

DOT installed bollards with no consideration of how First Fridays vendors will be able to set up when the event resumes.

The bollards also don’t solve the existing issues: drivers still can’t see bike lane traffic, cars can still park and drive in the bike lanes, trucks have to block the left turn lane to make deliveries and after less than a month bollards are damaged from cars driving over them.

KONO continues to try and engage with DOT and City officials and we hope to get this fixed so First Fridays can come back. We have managed to get the story on KPIX and KRON and will continue to advocate for the event’s future. It’s too important to Oakland to give up without a fight. We’ll post updates on this page as we go.

Oakland First Fridays is a program of the KONO Community Benefit District, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Oakland, CA.

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