Participate at Oakland First Fridays

next Event: december 7, 2018

Arts/ Makers / Hand-Crafted Vendors

We welcome artists, craftspeople, and makers to share and sell their work with the community! Apply here.


Vending Space: 5-foot spaces to 30-foot spaces - prices range from $55 to $270, depending on size.

Registration Opens:

Every Tuesday following an event

Registration Closes:

The Friday before the event (1 week prior)

Payment Deadlines:
"First paid, first reserved" basis until registration closes or the event is sold out

NEW Food & Beverage Vendors

We welcome food trucks, booths, and pop-up restaurants to participate in our festival.  


*Food Booths: 5ft spaces to 40ft spaces available from $210 to $510.

Food Cart: Mobile space (one size) - $185

*Food Truck: 15 x 10 ft spaces to 35 x 10ft spaces available -from $285 to $610.

Dessert Cart: Mobile space (one size) - $103

*Dessert Booth: 5 ft spaces to 20 ft spaces available from $185 to $510.

*Dessert Truck: 15 x 10ft spaces to 25 x 10ft spaces available from $285 to $610.

* Prices vary depending on the size of the space.

RETURNING Food & Beverage Vendors

Staged Performances

 Photo by  Blue_Arris

Photo by Blue_Arris

Calling all Bay Area musicians, DJs, producers (both amplified and not amplified), and other performing artists - we want you to perform at our festival! Apply now!

Street Performances / Art Installations

We welcome street performances and art installations in our events. If you do not plan on vending, please provide us with more information about you here.

Non-Profit Information & Services

If you would like to have a table or booth for your non-profit or community organization, apply here. You may request on that form to have the space fee reduced or waived.


Choose this option if you are interested in being a sponsor and/or supporter of this special event that attracts thousands of people a month. We welcome your inquiry about sponsoring the event. Please feel free to email us at