Oakland First Fridays Entertainment

Sound & Stage FAQ


a. The Application Process

  1. Complete all items on the registration form. Incomplete forms will be rejected.

  2. Supply as much performance content as you can.

  3. Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud media are required.

  4. Links to your groups website and social media channels are required.

  5. Videos must show live audience performances – no slideshows of still images.

  6. Videos must show the performance group, as well as show the audience in attendance

  7. The music must be upbeat and festive – must be able to excite a large outdoor audience versus a small indoor venue.

  8. The music must be rated G and free from hate speech, homophobic, racist, or sexist content.

Please provide our team with as much detail, content & context around your performance. All applications will be held for an entire year of events booking.

b. Getting Approved

  1. If your application is approved, you will receive official notifications of acceptance.

  2. If you need specific sound/stage equipment, submit a request to event@oaklandfirstfridays.org

  3. You must submit your Technical Riders for review.

  4. You must submit your Press Kit.

  5. You must submit your Stage Plots.

  6. You must sign a Performance Waiver and Photo Release form prior to your scheduled performance.

  7. You must provide a lead contact for your group for the day of the event.

  8. The stage manager will call your group leader to confirm #3 - #5 and your groups Call Time, Performance Time and End Time.

  9. Late or missed performances.

  • It is your responsibility to arrive at the event in a timely manner. If you are going to be late please contact your stage manager immediately. If you miss your call time, we can not guarantee that your set will start or end on time.

  • Performance start and end times are at the sole discretion of the Stage Manager.

  • If you miss your performance and want to perform at an upcoming event, you must reapply here.


c. Getting Rejected

  1. Music Content Violations

  • Oakland First Fridays respects the creative content of all our artists, however we strive to be a community inclusive and family friendly event. All performances must be free of hate speech, homophobic, racist, or sexist content.

  • If your performance content is violates our family-friendly requirements:

  • The stage manager may cut your performance short

  • We will remove all promotional content of your performance from our social media channels

d. Applying Again

  1. If you are not selected for a performance spot within 6 months, feel free to reapply here.

  2. When reapplying, please remember to complete all items on the registration form. Incomplete applications will be rejected. (See #A)


If you've got any question or concerns, please feel free to contact event@oaklandfirstfridays.org.