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Spark Artist Collective

Browse unique, contemporary artwork from emerging Bay Area artists

The Spark Artist Collective online shop features art for all tastes and budgets, from prints and paintings to clothing, jewelry and photography. Supporting local artists is critical because they are the drivers of creativity and change in Oakland. By buying art from creators in our community, you’re supporting creative growth and freedom for all of us.

Social Commentary
Bay Area artists tackling contemporary social issues
Featuring Ryan Tesluk, Cassandra Rose Casares, Mohamed Fofana
Pop Culture
Bay Area artists creating symbols of mass culture
Sara Dumanske, Matthew Mansanares, Clyde Always
Nature & Environmental
Art illuminating the beauty of nature
Janet Brugos, Kerstin Firmin, Angela Lawrence
Wearable Art
Art To Go
Mohamed Fofana, Vanessa Espinoza, Clyde Always

Artwork based on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics
Doran Dada
Women Empowerment
Art that portrays resilient, empowered feminine sensuality
Angela Lawrence
Art inspired by contemporary psychology
LR Altman
Oakland First Fridays is a program of the KONO Community Benefit District, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Oakland, CA.

Office Location: 2633 Telegraph Ave Suite 109, Oakland, CA 94612
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:30am-3:30pm
Office Phone:
(510) 361-0615
EVENT DAY: We do not check phone calls and emails on the day of the event.

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