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Oakland First Fridays is an immersive art and community festival, and the premier monthly arts event on the West Coast. It has caught attention from around the Bay Area and other parts of the country and is an upbeat and positive reflection of the creativity and diversity of Oakland. The event attracts 30,000 + attendees each month.


Media Exposure

Oakland First Fridays is the most well-attended event in the Bay area, touting an audience of approximatly 30,000 at each festival, as well as lots of local press coverage.


Brand Awareness and Recognition

Logo placement in a variety of places, including Facebook, our website, and at a prime location during the event raises brand awareness for your enterprise locally and at a large scale.

Highly Targeted Marketing

The festival offers it's sponsors extensive marketing benefits from both our online viewership as well as at the actual event. It's a unique opportunity to interface with your potential customers.



Community Involvement

Send a message to Bay Area locals that your enterprise is committed to supporting the arts and crafts makers and DIYers of Oakland. Get involved in your community by showing your support for this Oakland classic. 


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Sponsorships are open to small businesses and corporations. Join the ranks of other great companies that support Oakland First Fridays.