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Samantha Muffinbaker and the Funny Land of Flinck

Clyde Always
Pop Culture

An original tall tale, enthralling for readers young and old, written and illustrated by Clyde Always. From the back cover: Gap-toothed tattle-tale Samantha Muffinbaker casually boards a flying rowboat piloted by a foul-breathed stranger named Petey—why not? Chubby know-it-all Daniel Gold couldn’t have imagined horrors worse than his mother’s wrath, but that’s only until Petey maroons these two eleven-year-olds in the inhospitable country of Flinck--a world so insane, you might just mistake it for our own. There, after learning that Gramma Sue (one of the beloved locals) has been betrayed by her devious garden gnome, Samantha and Daniel consider it their duty to deliver justice—even if the old lady is being held captive by the President himself.

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About The Artist

Clyde Always

Surrealist Artist and Storyteller

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