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Angela Lawrence


About The Artist

Angela Lawrence is an Oakland-based visual artist and professional graphic designer. She specializes in multimedia illustration, focusing on the female form and floral blooms. Her artwork is often vibrant and colorful, featuring marker and watercolor with fine ink lines. She experiments with dotwork, linework, and tattoo design styles.

Angela aims to portray empowered, feminine sensuality in her artwork, free from the perspective of male gaze. As a sexual assault survivor, her art represents her own journey through trauma healing by finding love for her body and sexuality again while empowering other survivors. Her subject of Babes and Botanicals speaks to the resilience of women.

In 2010, Angela spent a summer as a resident artist in Florence, Italy with CSU Summer Arts where she found her passion for drawing bodies. Since then, she has collaborated with local small businesses in the East Bay to show her art.

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