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Jazmyne Woodford-Jones

Quality Unique Quirky

About The Artist

Jazmyne Woffard-Jones (b. 1997 African-American) and is a black visual artist located in Oakland, California. Her educational background is in photography, a medium she mostly uses in her pieces. Other mediums include print and papermaking. Typically, Woffard uses materials from inside her home for inspiration and occasionally items in the world that she comes across. The handling process of material allows Jazmyne to explore new meaning. Through this process, she is fascinated with transforming objects into new forms through ripping, tearing, smashing, and documenting the results through images and/or printmaking.  Woffard also deeply enjoys experimenting with the composition of objects and creating works of art that shift from abstract expressionism that play on lighting and color shift techniques.Woffard graduated from California College of the Arts and has exhibited in multiple shows and galleries, SF Camerawork to name one.

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Spark Oakland Accelerator: Winter 2020 Cohort

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