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Matthew Mansanares

Dynamic & multidimensional pop artist

About The Artist

Matthew  Mansanares  is  a  pop  artist  working  with  ephemera,  who  blurs the  lines  between  catchy  iconography,  slogans,  and  design.  His  work is  dynamic  &  multidimensional,  which  carry  influences  from  popular culture,  mass-produced  goods,  poetry,  mythology,  and  spirituality.  Mostly known  for  his  works  on  wood  panels,  his  work  expands  into  paintings, assemblage,  collage,  stenciling,  screen  printing,  and  found  objects. Occasionally,  his  work  can  be  seen  on  the  streets  in  the  form  of  stencils and  stickers.   Mansanares  was  born  on  an  Army  base  in  Fort  Hood,  Texas  (1981).  As  a young  kid,  he  dismissed  his  father’s  encouragement  to  pursue  art  beyond the  classrooms  and  covering  his  textbooks  with  drawings.  Flash  forward many  years—a  failed  pursuit  in  architecture,  one  year  in  Afghanistan,  a degree  in  Visual  Communications,  a  move  to  Oakland,  and  here  we  are. In  full  pursuit. In  2015,  Mansanares  was  awarded  a  Packaging  Design  award  from GDUSA  (Graphic  Design  USA).  This  is  a  reflection  of  his  graphic  design skills,  which  now  play  a  larger  role  in  his  creative  process.

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