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MiYatah McCoy

Distinctive. Outlandish. Eccentric.

About The Artist

Florida native, Miyatah McCoy, now based in Castro Valley is a self taught airbrush artist and oil painter. After receiving an unexpected gift of an airbrush machine, she jumped into the world of airbrush art; specifically airbrush sneaker art. Drawn to space in its entirety, her inspiration is rooted in galaxies and nebulas too vast and far away to get close to experiencing first hand. With the belief that there is a certain freedom in interpreting something as mysterious as that, she combines what can be physically seen with what can be imagined. When asked why galaxies specifically, she responded with "Galaxies are intangible. I like the idea of taking things that are  untouchable and putting them into a form that is artistically tangible. It leaves a lot of room to be super creative with the overall concept and outcome". It’s her love for bright vibrant colors blending seamlessly into galactic elements, paired with the desire for original one of a kind designs, that got her into this niche. For Miyatah, airbrushing sneakers is like offering exclusivity to anyone who wants it. "It’s about giving people the opportunity to take my art and make it their own personal piece".

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