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Nicte and Maya

A mother and daughter duo, creating individual and collaborative art pieces.

About The Artist

Nicte Ordonez and Maya Ramirez are a mother and daughter multimedia artist duo from the Bay Area. They both create individual art as a reflection of their innermost selves and love for creativity and storytelling. Nicte has been creating visual art and Day of the Dead installation art for the past 30 years. Her work illustrates her deep connection to her cultural roots and love for her community both in the Bay and Guatemala, where she and her family migrated from. Nicte’s art is rich in colors and infused with her love for spirituality and her cultural identity. It is no wonder why her daughter grew to love and draw inspiration from such a creative figure in the household growing up. Maya was immersed with the love for the arts and with that she ended up attending and graduating from Oakland School for the arts, since then she has continued to create more and more stories and characters through her artistry, a fan of colors and intricate detailing, finding her own identity as an artist. Nicte and Maya’s art though seemingly different in some ways, compliment each other well which inspired them to collaborate on various pieces, displaying in studios, selling their art together at many venues including First Fridays and even creating and designing their own art installation at an Oakland Museum Event. The two’s art is endearing and whimsical and even at times capture a very childlike essence as well as very dark and true themes. Their art is thought provoking, passionate and fun. Each art piece is unique and allows viewers from all backgrounds to identify with and enjoy.

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